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What you can achieve
by Lead Generation

The most important aspect of lead generation is not only that it leads to an increase in the number of contacts and visitors, but also the fact that it allows an improvement in profiling and therefore in the quality of the contacts received.

Once we have acquired a contact, we will create personalized content according to the needs of the business, and we will propose it through an email marketing campaign, so that we can promote products or services in an increasingly stimulating and efficient way.

This is the concept of lead nurturing, the process that leads to “cultivating” the trust and interest of users, transforming them from simple visitors into potential customers.

How does our strategy works


Defining the target

Our first step is to define the potential customer.What are his tastes? What attracts him? What channels does it use? These are basic questions to identify the potential target and, consequently, to define realistic and feasible objectives.


Setting goals

Once we understand the characteristics of our audience, we can continue to create measurable and realistic goals for our campaign.This not only allows us to achieve a higher probability of success, but also allows us to optimize the return on investment (ROI), preventing the client from wasting resources for unattainable goals.


Identification of channels and funnel

At this moment we are ready to choose the right channels (SEO, SEM, but also Linkedin or Facebook) to achieve our goals and, at the same time, we create a marketing funnel, that is, a personalized path that guides the visitor step by step towards conversion.


Content creation

Once the channels have been chosen and the defined route, we focus on creating high-quality content that takes into account the needs and tastes of users to be more efficient.


Analysis and monitoring

Next comes the essential analysis of the data and the monitoring of the campaign, a tool to check our own activity and to offer the client the value of their investment in figures.

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