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Successful email marketing:
Our communication strategy

Email marketing is a digital strategy that is implemented to achieve specific business goals. Among the most fundamental goals, there is also that of converting contacts into customers: by sharing graphic content, written or video form. Before turning the lead into a client, a few important strategic steps must be taken into account. It is not only about collecting personal data and sending mass offers that can be attractive, but about persuading users to act.


The elements that make a successful email marketing strategy.

Building an email marketing strategy depends primarily on a target audience. A successful email list must be made up of people who can concretely become clients. What would be the point of contacting users who will have no interest in interacting with your service? Analysis, research and study of your goals: building a list of clean and functional correspondence allows you to create a communication that stimulates the relationship with existing customers and especially with all potential users, who are there, but have not yet discovered you.


Our service allows you, in just a few clicks, to find out how the interaction works with the users we target in our campaign, discovering valuable information, which includes:

  • Email receipt rate.
  • The opening rate of emails sent based on segments and lists.
  • Number of openings.
  • The number of clicks on each link entered in your email.
  • Profile of the most active clients and clients who are not useful for building a lead generation strategy.

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